Go yurt, young man, go yurt!

Like a lot of people interested in adventure, I have a taste for the
unconventional. This extends to an interest in unconventional housing: shipping containers, house boats, and yurts, for

Yes, yurts. Yurts are the portable round houses used by Central Asia nomads for centures.
Traditionally covered by animal skins, they’re now a manufactured form of permanent housing using weather-proof fabrics
on a traditional round wood pole structure. They provide a natural, ecological, spacious and inexpensive kind of
all-weather housing, and they’re beautiful to live inside as well.

Sadly, I don’t have anywhere to place a yurt at the moment, and since
they are permanent structures, I can’t exactly drag one off on a camping trip, either. Happily, though, manufacturer
Pacific Yurts maintains a list of campsites, parks and
vacation destinations where visitors can rent a yurt for a yurt vacation. From Alaska to New Jersey, Hawaii to Georgia,
there’s probably a yurt near your next vacation destination.