We Love Susan Orlean

OK, I said it. She’s a goddess. She’s cute in that pale,
undertaker’s daughter, literary kind of way. She writes like a dream (for probably the
best publication in the world today), and now she has a whole
new book about about her travels. Titled:
My Kind of Place: Travel Stories from a Woman
Who’s Been Everywhere, the book (no surprise here) has been favorably reviewed, with Booklist calling it
“enormously pleasurable”. I’ll bet. Of course, most people who are not avid readers of the
New Yorker and/or of Ms. Orlean’s consistently
excellent essays (her essay on the tiger lady of
New Jersey, soon to be a full book in itself, was so good I tore it out of the magazine and xeroxed it many times
over for friends), will know her name from the film Adaptation, which itself was a kind of convoluted
adaptmogrification of her book
The Orchid Thief.
I didn’t think Adaptation was a cinematic gem (a bit too cute), but I loved the book. Anyhoodle, the new travels book
is now on order from Amazon, and I will certainly pass on my impressions once I have digested every sweet delicious