Who let the dogs out?

You have plenty of time to pull together your team and start training for the 11th Annual Urban
Iditarod in San Francisco, taking place on March 6th, 2005. (The course runs over three miles up and down the hills of
San Francisco, so training is actually recommended.) It’s the same weekend as the famous
Alaska Idiarod, except there are no dogs and no snow. Instead, teams
race across the city streets in absurd costumes, competing for fame and glory and the amazement of tourists.

A typical team consists of a rider, six pullers (the mush team) and a shopping cart (the sled) although everything
from actual sleds on wheels to Radio Flyer wagons have been used. It’s usual for the mush team to costume or make
themselves up as dogs for the event, but obviously this is San Francisco and angels, disco divas and priests
are fine, too. [Some photos NSFW]