Kayak Winter Storage

It happens every year at this time. Unless you live in some tropical locale (lucky you) you’re going to have to
think about putting your boat away for the winter. There are lots of thing to think about if you want the boat to last
more than a couple of seasons. This
offers some sensible advice on how to prep your boat for a couple of months out of the water…as
heart-breaking as that might sound.

A couple of examples, some of them obvious, some not so obvious:

1. Keep the boat out of the sun and/or away from direct UV light which can damage it

2. Do not place black plastic over the hull. Waterproof plastic may encourage condensation and cause the gelcoat or
pigment to discolor

3. Keep the hatches open to let them air out and prevent mildew

4. Repair the gelcoat

5. Apply an ultraviolet protectant to plastics

5. For polyethelene boats, keep them away from heat

And so on. See, fairly obvious, but it is always nice to have a neat, printable little list to help you remember all
the details.