The Emigrant Hordes

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. And it seems a lot of people don’t particularly like either of them very

Turns out that some people are so frustrated with the Bush re-election that they are contemplating emigrating. What?
Is it really that bad? Some people think so. Now where would these political refugees flee? According to
this peice, it seems Americans
fancy New Zealand and Australia. Sure, why not? Also,
Canada is big.
Immigration officials in Ottowa also say there’s been an increase in requests for information on how to become
Canadian, eh?

So how would one go about leaving exactly? And what kind of things would you need to think about?
Harpers has a tongue-in-cheek piece that will be useful (if not just for a laugh) for
would-be-emigrants. For example, for those thinking that becoming a citizen in Canada would be as simple as driving
across the border and saying, “here I am, where’s my passport and fancy maple leaf patch” turns out things are a bit
harder. Today, for example, it takes an average of twenty-five months to be accepted as a permanent resident, and
that’s if you meet all the heady requirements. Thus begins an average five-year process of becoming a citizen. One
other great alternative, should you have the cashola, is to buy an apartment on

the World
, a luxuury liner that cruises the globe with permanent and semi-permanent residents.  (Cost of the
cheapest apartment? Over a million bucks.)

I don’t know, if you’re that upset, maybe pull a Kaczynski and find yourself a little place in the woods.