Arctic Dreams

It has never been done before. And what better challenge is there than that?

Lonnie Dupre and Eric Larsen, two
and explorers from Grand Marais, MN., are training to make a summer crossing of the Arctic Ocean starting
in May. The four-month paddle will begin at Cape Artichesky, Siberia, will take them over the geographic North Pole
and, assuming all is well, they will finish at Ellesmere Island, Canada. Whew.

The two, whose groups is called One World Expedition,  say they
are undertaking the journey to bring attention to climate change. Global warming has been particularly noticable at the
poles, where some studies have shown up to 40 percent decrease in ice cover over the last four centuries. A
recent study showed that
global warming is heating the Arctic almost twice as fast as the rest of the planet and that the thaw threatens
millions of livelihoods and could wipe out polar bears by 2100.

So we say good for them! Of course, we also say the gesture will have little or no effect on our attitudes towards
climate change, and the only thing that will eventually wake us up is when the people of Las Vegas end up with
beach-front property. But you have to admit the trip sounds fun.