It’s the End of the World as We Know It…

And you’ll feel fine!

OK, OK, this may not be entirely adventure travel-related (but you may be surprised how I weave things together), but
you need to read this and then fully digest
the mind-blowing implications. 

Now, I ask you to take a moment and consider the various scenarios that could lead to the end of the human race. Go
ahead, I’ll wait (tick tock tick tock). Got a few thoughts?

1) OK, first you got your machines take over the world/nuclear
holocaust scenario. A nasty way to go, but, hey, it would be over quickly (unless, of course you are far outside the
blast zone and then die an agonizing death due to radiation sickness. Nasty).

2) World War III. Related to number one, to
be sure, but maybe the end comes due to biological weapons or a massive conventional weapons attack from, say, Mexico
(who, unbeknownst to us, has been massively armed over the last few years by, say, China). Whatever. It could happen.
Then we’d have to attack Mexico and China, and the Europeans would want to get into the act as well and then, it’d all
be over for all of us, with the possible exception of Africa which, once again, would be the cradle of

3) Meteor strikes earth. BOOM! We?re all dead.
Not much else to say.

Now here?s where it gets interesting and kind of sci fi.

4) Someone invents a mind reading device and we
all learn how much those around us conspire and single-mindedly pursue self-interest (I thought you really loved me for
me!). Everybody learns to hate everybody else and we end up in a massive end of the world riot tearing each other limb
from limb. Bummer.

And now:

5) Someone invents the Orgasmatron
(remmember, from Sleeper?), and breeding as we know it stops in its tracks
thus ending human reproduction within a single generation.

Far fetched? Well, folks, welcome to the
beginning of the end. A doctor in North
Carolina has implanted wires into the back of a patient:

When the electrodes are stimulated with a remote control, the brain interprets the signal as an orgasm, he said.
The device is about the size of a pacemaker and can be turned on and off with a handheld remote control.

Uh oh. Soon the device will be mass-manufactured for both men and women, the surgical part will be replaced simple
skin contact electrodes, the devices will sell faster than ipods (hello, Steve Jobs!) and before you know it, no one
will go to work, we will all stagger off to our own little corners holding down the ?Gaz? button until we die. Face it,
that?s basically what happened to rats when a similar device was used (they stopped eating in one study), and we?ll be
no different. It?s over people. Get used to it.

Now, how does this all tie in to adventure travel? Well, if and your woman/man plan your trip now, pack for a long
trip away in some distant uninhabited place, stay for a while (longer than
Frauenfelder), do some kayaking, camping, hiking in your new paradise,
really enjoy yourself, know what I mean? Relax, stay a few years, and by the time you get back, the human race will
have largely wiped itself out and you can have the entire world to yourselves (and all the Hostess Twinkies you can
eat, since those things have a shelf live of, like 25 years). Then it?s up to the two of you to repopulate and start
over. Just stay away from the Orgasmatron.

So, see, adventure travel can be fun and save the human race!  So start planning.

And hey, just for kicks, add your favorite end of the world scenario. Just click on the comments link and tell us how
you think God will smite mankind! Yay!