Pack Safe!

Whether you’re backpacking through Europe or
hiking in Honduras, sometimes you want a break from carrying all your worldly posessions on your back. But since they
are all your worldly posessions in a far-off world, it can be unsafe to leave them in hotel rooms or
campsites when you’re out and about for the day. It can also be unsafe to take them with you; many backpackers have had
their packs slit and their stuff stolen while they were totally unaware. And if you’re the victim of theft in a remote
or distant location, it can be a disaster.

Enter the Pac Safe, a web of light-weight stainless steel
mesh you wrap and lock around your backpack with a polycarbonate locking system. You can use the Pac Safe to secure
your backpack to anything from a tree trunk to a hotel bed, or you can make your posessions more secure when you’re
walking through city streets. Starting at $55, the Pac Safe is a good investment worth thinking about.