The Alpinist

I was very impressed when I first came upon the online site for the climbing magazine
The Alpinist. The main page is beautiful, with a glorious photo of some dude
making a gnarly ascent up the face of a sun warmed rock face. But I dug around a bit and was pretty diappointed that
there was so little material available. The site provides access to old covers and to tables of contents, and there is
a nice section called climbing notes that gives
the low-down on climbing sites around the world, but there’s little access to editorial content with the exception of a
few well done features called “The Climbing Life” which
features brief, but beautiful, bits about various climbers and photographers. I dunno, I’m sure the editors don’t want
to cannibalize their hard copy sales, but I’d love to see more content from this excellent magazine online. Either way,
check it out, if just for some of the fine photos.