Working Overseas

The world is a big place.  There are lots of opportunities out there for the enterprising young (or not so
young) adventurer. If you’ve ever considered heading overseas for more than a vacation, and you don’t have a trust fund
to live on, you’re going to need to do some research on the available opportunities and how, exactly, one can settle in
a foreign country.

There are lots of good resources and lots of bad ones. The transitions
site is one of the former. Calling itself a “portal for work abroad, overseas travel, study abroad and
international living, it is as solid and useful a site as you’re going to find out there. Transitions Abroad Magazine
has been around for years. When I lived abroad I knew lots of people that found it a valuable resource. There are
articles and loads of information for travelers of all stripes: parents, teens, folks in middle age. Also there’s
information and resources on how to teach English (probably the most common vocational choice among those heading
overseas), how to volunteer and how to find other, less orthodox jobs. If you’re heading overseas or just thinking
about it, it’s a site worth checking out.