Da Vinci Tourists

Come on, you’ve read it. You know you have.

We’ll it should come as no surprise that there is a new breed of tourists out there called “Da Vinci Code Tourists“. Who are they? Well, as you might imagine, these are the folks who are flocking to Paris to uncover all the hidden little secrets so expertly written about in the bestselling Dan Brown book. Ranging from $3,000 trans-Atlantic tours, to the $400-a-day that a woman named Jean Traimond charges in Paris, for a tour debunking “The Da Vinci Code”, these tours are all the rage among the pulparati. Bring along your designer cilice for self-flagellation (I think Sharper Image makes one) and tuck the dog-eared copy of the book under your arm, and you’re all set.

But seriously. It makes perfect sense that the popularity of the book would lead to a tour in Paris. And I salute the folks who are going to Paris in the face of all the France dissing. And I know people get attached to things and want to learn more. I mean, right outside my apartment there are hordes of Carrie-ga-ga women striding around in newly-bought Prada as they take the Sex in the City tour. In fact, I wrote about the Apocalpyse Now tours happening in Asia now. But it seems sad to me in a way that we decide to educate ourselves only when motivated by this pulpy stuff (and the Da Vinci Code IS pulpy…this is not history, folks). I mean, didn’t you want to see the Louvre BEFORE you read the book?

I guess I’ll shut up. It just seems contrived is all. Crass and commercial and lame.