Food TV

I guess I’m hung up on food tonight. Maybe that’s because I just flew back from LA and hadn’t
eaten anything except the white rubbery substance that the stewardess had the gaul to refer to as “chicken”. And here I
am back in my apartment with a fridge full of nada.

So I go searching (will click for food!) and I come across this
sub-section of the Food Network site
about international cuisine. From Australia, where “kangaroo is a prized native meat” to Tuscany, where you learn that
“polenta is a mush made from cornmeal” (oh, and I thought it came from the polenta tree), the site has a fair share of
useful tidbits as well as loads of stuff you probably already knew. But if you’re like me and you’re trying to
find a way to make a box of plain pasta taste good tonight, you may find something there worthwhile.