What About My Miles?

With airlines collapsing faster than a Ponzi Scheme, a lot of travelers are wondering how they might be affected by
the tumult in the airline industry. One guy who keeps a rock solid eye on the subject and will give you the skinny
without the PR spin is the Practical Nomad or Edward Hasbrouck. Hasbrouck has
written this very handy FAQ to answer all your questions
about what will happen to your miles (uh, you’re probably screwed, sorry), and what will happen to YOU should your
airline declare Chapter 11 while you’re climbing that volcano in Chile (in this case, you’re probably OK…but no
guarantees). Anyway, Hasbrouck is almost creeepily dialed into this stuff, including issues of privacy and the Jet blue
scandal, all of which you can also read about on the
Practical Nomad site.