WWII Wreck Found in Lake Washington

Well whaddayaknow. 

Sixty-two years after it crashed into the frigid waters of Lake Washington, and some twenty-plus years after the
birth of Bill Gates Jr., divers have found the
wreckage of a WWII era TBF-1 Avenger torpedo-bomber in the lake. The
Avenger is the same type of aircraft that former
President George Bush Sr. was shot down in 1944. But this is NOT the plane he was shot down in. Get it? This is a
different plane.

The discovery was made last month using high-resolution sonar technology by members of the
Innerspace Exploration Team (no, Martin Short is not a
member), a nonprofit group based in suburban Mill Creek.  The plane crashed on Aug. 17, 1942, when it had a
mid-air collision with a Grumman F4F Wildcat during a training exercise. Both planes were based at Sand