Bangkok Blogs

If you’re planning a trip overseas, there are far worse places you can look for good
information than the numerous blogs literally scattered around the world. Bloggers living in countries around the world
often have excellent advice on things to do, places to go and just common-sense info about how to get by in another
place. Suppose, for example, you are planning on heading to Thailand to teach English.

Then this blog called the Daily Tefl (Teaching English as a
Foreign Language) Grind is one example of the kind of site where you’re going to find a lot of useful perspective.
Another good Thailand blog is sgtowns blog, or Stories from the life of Stuart G.
Towns. And, of course, there is always the
BootsNAll site which usually is chock full use
useful and entertaining stories.

I’ll post examples of blogs like this over time, so you can search by country and see if there are bloggers where
you want to go.