Fly N Snooze

Don’t you HATE layovers and the agonizing wait between flights? What are you going to
do to rest if you have one of those gawdaful 6 hour waits? I mean, airports seem to intentionally make themselves
horribly uncomfortable…those chairs!? Same goes for airplanes. Airport hotels are an option, but tend to come at a
premium price for the premium convenience. Is it worth it? Usually not. Plus all that shuttling around sucks.


This excellent site is a guide to exactly what it says:
sleeping in airports. There’s a list of the most-reviewed airports, plus a world-wide guide organised by
country where other airport sleepers tell you where to stretch out in the most comfort, quiet and safety. It
doesn’t exactly solve the problem of airport sleep, but it’s a good place to go if you know you’re going to get laid,
um, over.