Henk de Velde’s Seafaring Adventures

Henk de Velde is a modern-day
sea farer. His site, although much of it is in Dutch and therefore
somewhat difficult to read if you don’t speak Dutch, has some interesting pictures and maps covering the trips Hank has
done around the world.

We do learn from his brief bio that Henk is the author of ’Ganzen trekken in troepen’ or Geese Fly in
Flocks, and that Henk “gives lectures and motivational talks based on will power and perseverance, character and
adventure. They’re all part of our nature.” But also learn a bit of his voyage and that with the 17 meter steel
reinforced CAMPINA Henk his will sail around the world via the “impossible” Northern seaway, Siberie, Alaska, than
South to Cape Horn and Antarctica before he returns home. Pretty cool.