Bitchen Binocs

Another gift idea brought to you by the good folks at

You know those old movies where the guy looks through the binoculars and sees the image through two circles kinda
munched together in the middle? I presume that the digital pictures taken by
these binoculars cum camera do NOT provide
such an image. It takes 1.3 megapixel still pictures with 16 MB of internal memory…not much pixelage to
folks accustomed to the 5-6 MP brave new world.  

But I have to say that the idea of putting a camera in binoculars, especially a digital one like this model from
Bushnell features, is pretty damn cool. There are several brands out there. Our sister site
Engadget also mentioned a pair with a camera, but the
Bushnells are our favorites for their sturdiness and sleek siliver look. I am thinking these things would be a cool
gift for sports fans, bird-watchers and even hunters who might want to download the picture of a stag just after they
blow it away.