Please Pass the Turkey Soda

For all those headed out today to visit family and friends and to
consume insane quantities of dead bird, here’s a culinary concept that is, to say the least, unorthodox.

It’s hard to say whether this is genius or stupid, as as we know from David St. Hubbins, there’s a fine line between
the two. The Jones Soda Company is marketing a series of holiday
in an array of flavors that well, just don’t seem soda-like.  Here, for example, are the five top
flavors for Thanksgiving:

    •      Turkey & Gravy Soda

    •     Cranberry Soda

    •     Mashed Potato & Butter

    •     Green Bean Casserole

    •     Fruitcake  Soda

Of course it’s silly to bash the idea if you haven’t actually tried the sodas…I mean, mashed potato soda? Could be
good. Who would have thought cream soda would be a hit. You do have to wonder what the pitch session was like for this
idea and what marketing genius came up with the idea in the first place.