Homage to Oman

Here’s a novel destination idea. News Interactive has an interesting
little peice on traveling to Oman, where
medieval and modern mix to create a unique blend of internet cafes and Bedouin camel merchants. Oman is apparently
making a push for tourism out of concern that the oil dollars that have sustained it for years are running out.
Smart move, perhaps. I understand that it is a relatively safe place to travel. There is still no democracy there, but
the Sultan, whose picture hangs “in offices, hotel foyers, even roadside cafes”, is loved and adored by his 2.5 million

What to do there? Oman is a mecca for birdwatchers, a major stopover during the spring and autumn migrations between
Africa, Asia and Europe. But also there is diving, dolphin-watching,
caving, trekking, and bicycling. Not a bad way to while away a holiday.