Seal Hunting

This may be your ball of blubber…I don’t know. But
I’ll post
while reserving judgment. The Norwegian government has a problem, they need to get rid of seals who are
munching sea food meant for humans and spreading disease. And so, new Norwegian wildlife regulations will
permit tourists to hunt seals to cull the population.

In capitalist fashion, there are several adventure travel companies providing holiday packages to experienced and
“rookie” hunters to shoot the seals as part of a kind of water-borne safari. One company expects to make six figures
from the seal safaris by catering to U.S. and European clients. One of them is called
Norsafari, charges about $1300 for a hunt.

Greenpeace, of course, is against the practice, as are other animal activists. It is hard to know what to think
about this, especially following a particularly festive turkey day.

Anyone have an opinion?