Sandboarding Junkies

Here’s another article on the hot, literally, new sport of sandboarding, which is all the rage in Namibia where the dunes are tall and the safety regulations are, well, non-existent. One comapny running these trips is called Alter-Action. Created by Chris Jason and Beth Sarro in 1994, the company is the first professional sandboarding operation on the Namibian Coast. They say they have found the “perfect” sandboarding dune – a “star dune with six different faces and a towering height of 100 meters”. Sweet.

Besides supplying the equipment – including a helmet, gloves, elbow and knee pads – Alter Action provides transportation to and from local hotels, instruction, lunch and drinks for around $35 per person.

Sounds like a duneload of fun…but what about those nasty scrapes when you fall. Can you say raspberry?