Now Here’s an Idea: Learn Arabic in Morocco

I was thinking about all the languages I’d like to learn…where I’d most like to learn them.
I started making a list of these things and began looking around the Web for some of the best deals and most reputable
institutions. I was only focusing on French and Italian at
first, as those are the two languages that come to mind that I think I’d most like to learn. And then I considered
Arabic and I thought, yeah, that would be very cool to know Arabic. I found a couple of places where this could be
done…again, preferably in a country where they speak the language, and one where the culture is vibrant, interesting
and inviting and friendly to women (so my wife could get by burkha-less). 

One of the better places I found us the CESA
group in Fez, Morocco (yes, I know they speak French there as well). I’ve spent a few weeks in Morocco
and thought it was a wonderful place. Particularly Marrakech. Fez is said to be the Moroccan seat of learning for
mathematics, astronomy and religious study, and there is supposedly no end of people there who will want to talk to
you…in exchange for speaking English with them. Maybe give it some thought.