US Falls Short in Geography Olympics (sort of)

Well, this is sad.

An online geography quiz called the “Geography Olympics,” in which some 46,000 Americans have competed, it seems
that we are even more geographically illiterate than we thought. The details of the contest, posted on
this site shows the US 115th behind educated powerhouses
Seychelles and the Tonga. The site has attracted more than 420,000 players from 186 countries so far (I checked just a
moment ago). National rankings fluctuate throughout the day depending on the latest scores.

Given the way the game works – you can say you’re from whatever country you want – I am skeptical. In fact, even
though the site has gotten a good
deal of
(with most stories bashing the US), it seems more like misplaced schadenfreud than anything else. I know I
could call pretty much any accredited statistician right now and they’d debunk the results. But it’s good for a laugh,
and if it gets people to study a map now and again, I suppose that’s a good thing.