Geography Juice

In the spirit of
yesterday’s post about our alleged poor performance in the
Geography Olympics, I offer forthwith a link to the
CIA’s factbook site. The page
here features images of all the nation’s flags in the world and links to country-specific information on the
people, government, economy, yadda yadda yadda. Take a moment and just browse. Find a country like say,
Guyana, that you know nothing about, and browse
around the info there, thoughtfully digesting all the little bits.


For example, did you know Guyana achieved independence from Britain in 1966? Or that the population
is made up of many Indians, relatives of former indentured servants who were brought there to work the sugar
plantations. Or what about Vanuatu, an island group in the Pacific about the size of Connecticut. Did you know
that a majority of the population has no access to a potable and reliable supply of water? Wow!

I promise, if you do this a little bit today, a little bit tomorrow, you’ll begin to feel (and perhaps even
look like … in the sense of having a really huge head)
Ken Jennings.