Surfrider Foundation

Earlier today, I mentioned
some of the work being done by the Nature Conservancy as it seeks to purchase and set off from development large chunks
of the American landscape. There are lots of groups out there like this, though most are less prominent, seeking to
promote outdoor activities and preserve the environment. One of the groups I’ve been wanting to mention for a while is
the Surfrider Foundation, a grassroots organization run by surfers who are
actively protecting our coastlines and providing useful information on the condition that our beaches are in.

The surfrider Web site is a great place to see what the organization is up to and to offer support if protecting
beaches is important to you. The site is really excellent and taking a quick click tour through through it will open
your eyes to some of the problems facing the country’s beaches.

Of particular interest is the State of Our Beaches
section which provides the lowdown on the status of beaches across the country. They give a rating scale
to beaches everywhere, judging them for their access, water quality, and ecology, among other features. Take
a look.