Gift Idea: Travel Journal

I’ve kept a journal for almost fifteen years and have become such an extreme journal snob that I get very
particular about the size, quality and travelability of my journals. When I started, I’d write in just about anything:
old notebooks, spiral bound and otherwise; cheap, crappy ones I’d bought at the local bookstore. But over time I became
very particular about what I’d use to scribble down my life’s details. And so about ten years ago, I became a big fan
of journals made by Letts of London. While they can be pricey, Letts journals are
beautifully bound, solid and resistant to the awful yellowing and decay that happens most cheap journals within a few
years. And so, if you’re shopping around for ideas for your adventuring friends or family, I highly recommend stuffing
their stocking with a Letts journal. And if you’re heading out on a big trip next year, consider getting one for