JT Holmes Hurls

JT Holmes is insane. Check out some of the pics in
this article about this daredevil skiier. This is serious air.
Holmes it turns out hangs at Squaw Valley, where I spent a long, wonderful winter whose details remain murky even in my
own mind (ah, yes, those immediate post-college days). Holmes was featured in Matchstick Productions’ 1997
film Sick Sense when he was just 17, his first ski film appearance.


Since then Holmes has been featured in over 9 films and has pioneered the sport (well, I guess it’s a sport) of
Ski-BASEing. BASE jumping, you know, is when guys hurl themselves off cliffs for fun. Of course, they wear parachutes,
but that hasn’t stopped places like Yosemite from making BASE jumps illegal.  Anyway, check out the
pictures of Holmes here, too.
Gnarly sh%$.