Aussies Scoooooore! (Or do they?)

I don’t know what to make of
. Maybe a statistician out there can help clarify whether this survey has any validity. So a survey taken
of overseas backpackers in Sydney and Cairns says that Australians get laid more often than other
backpackers, with more than half having sex with a new partner in the previous three days. The survey also found
that 39 per cent of them had casual sex with someone they had first met that day or night.

So I ask: is there a selection bias problem by taking this poll in Sydney? Was there a language barrier problem such
that a number of say, non-English-speaking Chinese backpackers were left out? Dunno. The numbers seem ridiculously
high and the methodology fishy. But if true, well, good for the Aussies…except for the low rate of condom use. Tsk
tsk tsk. I do like the following quote: ”The results of the survey show the anonymity, need to make friends and
companions, and the lowering of inhibitions that go with backpacking makes people indulge more in casual sex without

Those randy backpackers.