Global Scavenger Hunt

Here’s an interesting idea, though I am a bit skeptical. The
Global Scavenger Hunt is looking for contestants to
circum-navigate the world as part of a global contest. Dunno, seems fishy to me, as you have to pay a sizeable chunk
(see below) and the site is awful. But if interested, read

Beginning April 15th, 2005, 50 adventurers will take a so-called “Blind Date With The World” (travelers won’t know
their destinations until they’re onboard a 747 over the International Dateline) and visit at least 10 countries over 4
continents. The contest crowns the “World’s Greatest Travelers” (yeah, right) in New York City.

Ah, but there’s a catch:

Travelers must pay at least $9,900 to the GreatEscape
to enter the Spring 2005 event. Fees include all international airfare, 23-days in first class hotels
and about 40% of meals (first class hotels? That doesn’t sound so adventuresome to me).

All interested travelers should contact the GreatEscape Foundation at 310.281.7809 or visit the world famous
commercial-free travel website here.