Go See the Eagles

Two years ago I was paddling with some buddies out of Valdez, Alaska, blown away by the number of bald eagles that
just flew about. They were everywhere. And when you see them in the wild, perched atop a towering pine, or dropping
down swiftly and snatching a fish out of the water, it’s really an amazing site. You understand immediately why
the bald eagle (as opposed to the Wild Turkey) became our national symbol (of course, the Wild Turkey went on to become
the symbol for a potent alcoholic beverage that numbs your brain). But whatever. So let’s say on your next adventure
you wanted to go to where the eagles are. Then
here’s an article that
will tell you just that. And perhaps predictably, the top ten places to see bald eagles are all pretty far north. But
what did you expect? Palm Beach?