Turkey Bound?

Turkey is one of those places I’ve never been to but have ALWAYS wanted to visit. Everyone
I’ve ever spoken to who’s been there has said it is one of the most interesting, historically-rich countries in the
world, and
with Turkey in the news over whether it will be admitted as a member of European Community, it
may just be time to go. 

In fact, there is also an interesting article in this month’s
about turkey, that might spark your interest.

So I was looking around and found this site that will
answer many of your key questions: Is it safe? Friendly? What about women travelers in Turkey? Where should I go, what
should I see and do? (Show me a map of Turkey.) What does it cost? Can I afford it? When’s the best time to go? What’s
each month like? Any Special Offers?

The site is written by Tom
, an old hand at Turkey, and the guy who wrote several prominent guides to the country, as well as the
book Turkey: Bright Sun, Strong Tea.  There’s some good info here and Tom is very knowledgable, so
check it out.