Jetboil: Our Favorite for Camping

I just got my hands on the coolest new cooking device to hit camping since, well,
marshmallows. Forget those clunky camp ware sets, the Jetboil “Personal Cooking
” is a portable all-in-one stove whose overall design is so well thought out, and makes such sense, it’s kind
of amazing no one had thought of it before. I referred to the Jetboil in an earlier post, but didn’t actually
have one. Now I do and I can tell you it rocks.

There are numerous features to this that, now that I’ve played with it, are so simple, but you find yourself saying,
well, duh. For example, the insulated sleeve around the cooking cylinder itself is worth the price of the thing alone.
No more awkward little metal pot grabber (why didn’t we get rid of these things years ago?).

The Flux Ring Heat Exchanger (not to be confused with the Flux Capacitor Time Travel Device) at the bottom of the
Jetboil allows is less air, and dramatically increases fuel efficiency so you waste less gas. The burner base locks to
the cooking cup for stability.

Honestly, this thing is great and will make a kick ass gift for your outdoorsy other. I sh&% you not, this thing
is cool.