Everest Base Camp

Now’s a good time to start planning that late springtime trip. And
here’s a recommendation that should satisfy the most
discerning adventure traveler: hike to Everest Base Camp. Yes, you fall short of summiting Everest itself, but with
those $20,000 per person peak fees, who can afford it? Besides, are you really in that good shape? Anyway, the trip I’m
recommending here is run by Mountain Sobek, one of the pioneers of adventure
travel. Here’s a brief description:

You’ll first visit delightful Sherpa villages, where you’ll meet the friendly people and soak up the colors, sights,
and sounds of village life as well as the spirituality of Tibetan Buddhism so prevalent in the Himalaya. Then you’ll
head to the rocky heights of Kala Patar (18,192′), where you’ll set your eyes on the awesome face of Everest, The Big
One, and trek to Everest Base Camp, with its views of 50-foot-tall seracs.

A bit pricey (about $3500 per person), but a definite once in a lifetime experience.