Have iPod, Will Travel

Conde Nast Traveler runs a
by Adam Sachs about traveling with your ipod, and the multiple uses to which it can be put. For example
as a tour guide or to listen to a

language lesson
. Or as a voice recorder that you can use to do a daily audio diary. “I am standing on the
Champs-élysées. It is a beautiful day. I just had a baguette. Hmm, it was good. People are walking by. They think I’m
insane because I am talking to my ipod

Actually, traveling with your ipod can be wonderful. I just spent five hours on the road listening to everything
from the new Fountains of Wayne songs to an audiobook about a

CIA operative
in Afghanistan. Great stuff. That said, I realized too that it helps to keep in mind issues
like battery power. So to read up on that, check out
Engadget’s take on the ipod PowerStick.