Paddling with Lewis and Clark

It was pretty much one of the greatest adventure sports
expeditions of all time. It’s been written about in books and articles ad nauseum, and several
films have been made (though none yet starring Kevin Costner), but here
nonetheless is a dandy little
online article
about the famous Lewis And Clark expedition. This trip takes a slightly different tack in that it focuses on paddling
sections of the Missouri River where L&C navigated in unwieldy pirogues.

Of course, if boating is not your thing, then you might take a look at the Lewis and Clark
Trail site, which features a fairly detailed description of the trail and it’s
history. It’s probably far too cold now (though a little snow didn’t stop L&C), but hiking the L&C trail has
long been a goal, and so now could be a good time to take a look at the trail and start planning for summer.