Gadling Update – thanks, so far!

So now that we’ve been around for a few months and have gotten our sea legs about us, we
thought we’d take a moment to fill in all you fellow engaged travelers out there on what we’re up to. First of
all, (in case you haven’t noticed) I’d like to bring your attention to the various Gadling categories (shown to the
right and ranging from continents to activities like scuba diving to topics such as photography). Each of these is
available as an individual RSS feed so you can pick and choose your favorites. 

For example:






Further, there are buttons for Newsgator, My Yahoo and Feedster for simple one-click access to gadling posts. Try
clicking them below and start reading Gadling by RSS!

Next, over the following months, we’ll be developing more in-depth features, book reviews (our first was today…see
below), photos of the week, and profiles of adventurers, so keep checking back. 2005 will be a ripper year