Learn to Surf in Central America

Did you know Outward Bound offers courses on how to surf?

More than that, even. You can learn to kayak and raft on some of the world’s most gorgeous
rivers, you will learn Spanish in a beautiful Mexican village, and, if it’s your fancy, you can learn to surf world
class breaks.

The Outward Bound folks say theirs is a “holistic
instructional approach” that gives a full breadth of  knowledge about surfing including study of lunar phases,
wave formations, coastal ecology and traditional surf philosophies. The classes take you from Costa Rica to Nicaragua
to Panama, beaches throughout Central America. There’s also the opportunity to gain certifications in CPR & First
Aid (American Red Cross), White Water Navigation and Training (CRROBS), and SCUBA diving (NAUI). What’s it cost? Almost
7 grand. Scheisse, that’s a lot.

But man, what a fricken dream course this would be.