Messing About in Boats

Ah, yes. The joys of kayaking. What was it Kednneth Grahame, the
author of the Wind in the Willows once wrote: “There is nothing — absolute NOTHING — half so much worth doing as simply
messing-about in boats.” So true. What Grahame should have added is how much better it can be when messing about in
boats, to be in Mexico. Cases of Corona about $5, fish taco stands, fresh mangos for a nickel. The Times
has a piece about
paddling in San Felipe, down the  ribbon of baja California. This is an old haunt of mine, so I was glad to see
the article. San Felipe is one of those classic baja towns, small dusty, a bit sleazy, but the kind of place you can
blow a week doing nothing. Nothing but the enjoyment of kayaking, beer and fish tacos.