Fat-Bottomed Girls…and Boys

Goldilocks may have only broken the small chair, but we
Americans it seems, are ruining all the furniture with our

big fat bottoms
. Or so says a spokesman for the French furniture company of the Queen Mary II, who, when pressed to
explain who’s been breaking all the chairs on board the luxury liner points the finger at Americans.

“It’s not an English problem,” he says. “It’s probably more American.” (Oh, come on, dude! Have you been to Germany
lately? Needless to say, this smacks of blatant anti-American stereotyping. Even if it is funny and entirely

Yes, dozens of seats on the world’s biggest, newest, most syybaritic ship, are snapping under the weight of obese
passengers. The French company which supplies the chairs says they are replacing them as fast as they cann, but not
fast enough to halt all those large asses from breaking more and more of them.