Getting High

Here’s a goal: climb the highest peaks in each of our 50 states. OK, then just name them. McKinley (20,320) in
Alaska is obvious. So is Whitney (14,494 feet) in California. But what about, say, Kansas? Bob Dole would know, but do
you? Well, it’s Mount Sunflower at 4,039 feet. Now just 47 to go.

Here’s help. Backpacker Magazine has a
feature on the top peaks in all the states. This would be a pretty sweet accomplishment for a lifetime, to just start
bagging these. Maybe start off easy: Driskell Mountain in Louisiana. Hit Mardi Gras first, then hike this meager
molehill. Then Backbone Mountain in Maryland. Keep going. Still 45 states, 45 hills. 45 little lifetime goals.