Bullish on Poland

Rick Steves, the uber American Europhile
comes out hard core thumbs up on Poland, a
country that he says gets short shrift by Americans who think it is dreary and gray. Not so! Steves says. Poland is
lively, cosmopolitan and incredibly cheap (compared to the rest of Europe anyway, where Americans are getting
bitch-slapped by high prices due to the weak dollar).

As a typical Polish experience, Steves singles out the “bar mleczny” or “milk bar” (not to be confused with the Korova
Milk Bar, where one might go for a little in-out-in-out). The milk bars are cheap cafeterias, which you’ll see all over
the country, and offer tasty (well, maybe not THAT tasty…I mean, you can’t fool me. I’ve had Polish food) Polish fare
and rich local ambiance.