Top 20 Best Islands

On the topic of tropical locales:

Islands Magazine asked numerous writers and photographers to name the top
twenty most beautiful islands in the world. Since I listed
the ten top ski resorts earlier, I thought it appropriate as we end 2004 to give some props to tropical places as well.
I confess I know very few of these places :-(. But I’m eager to hear what others think. Drop some thoughts in the
comments section if you’re familiar with any or all of these places.

  1. Big Island

  2. Palawan

  3. Iceland

  4. Nevis

  5. Rock Islands

  6. Bali

  7. Cuba

  8. Stockholm Archipelago

  9. Ross Island

  10. Sicily

  11. Eustatia

  12. Meares Island

  13. Kauai

  14. Borneo

  15. Rarotonga

  16. Sardinia

  17. St. John

  18. Bougainville

  19. Crete

  20. Maldives