New Feature for New Year: Photo of the Day (12/31/2004)

For a while now, we’ve done a photo of the week to highlight some of the
amazing adventure photography talent out there. And the feature has been popular enough that we’re going to jack it up
a bit and start doing a photo of the day and see how it goes. Starting today and into the New Year.

With the whole digital camera revolution, there is so now much good stuff out there that it’s hard to decide what is
best, but we’ll give it a try.

So here – without further annoying babble – is our first
photo of the

This shot of a diver hovering over a whale shark off Darwin Island in Ecuador captures the size and gracefulness of
these amazing fish. I’ve linked to Eric Cheng’s site before,
and I will do so again, because it is one of the best underwater photo sites out there. Great stuff, Eric.