Yo yo, Blogging the Travel Expo!

Make no mistake, we will be there.

Yes, the Adventures in Travel Expo comes to New York
this month, taking over the Javits Center from Jan 14 to 16. The Expo is about everything we cover: diving, climbing,
paddling, cultural and educational travel. It’s going to be sweeeet!

I will be there, so expect some top-notch reconnaissance and scintillating interviews with some of the
people behind the top adventure companies. What are the best new tours? The most exotic places? The killer new
adventure companies? The newest gear? I’ll find out and will post here…perhaps (gasp!) even in audio…and I might even
throw in a story or two about the kayaking pool. So put it on your calendar, and if you’re lucky enough to be in New
York for the show, feel free to drop me a note.