Drivin’ Down Under

Hitting the road in
must be one of those undertakings that you do not presume to do with ease. Just look at a fricken MAP! I mean, see
how BIG that place is? And
empty, too. The population of Australia is some twenty million people. Man, New York City alone
has just less than half that many! And they all ride MY subway. The vast majority of those live in
Sydney, a nice town, to be sure, but nothin like the outback. 

The outback is Mad Max country: gaping spaces, roos all about,
and you never know what kind of bald, funny-talkin’ guy in buttless chaps is going to want to steal the gas in
your car.  So if you’re jumping in a car with the words “road trip” on your lips, you had better be
ready to do LOTS of driving. Fast driving.

Which is exactly what Mercedeh (great name) Sanati did for
– a 1,300-kilometre journey, on and off the beaten track from Melbourne to Adelaide – down under. It took a
week, and there were bumps along the way, but also some nice wine and, well, what more could you ask for than a good
friend, a new continent, some wine and a seemingly endless road? A guy in buttless chaps, perhaps?