Time to Use Those Miles?

Is it time to book that trip and cash in those frequent flier miles? Maybe,
says this article, which cautions
that with major airlines in bankruptcy, things could only get worse and you might get caught holding miles worth as
much as old Soviet currency.

Here are the facts: United, US Airways, ATA Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines and Aloha Airlines have all filed for
bankruptcy to reorganize. Most expect them, or at least the majority of them to emerge with a business in place. But
likely they would not do so with billions of free flights to give away, if you catch my drift. Whether you will lose
your miles, well, who knows. It depends. And there are other
options. As for me, I’m
not getting rid of my United miles quite yet. Not until I find that epic trip I HAVE to take. But I’d hate to get stuck
with nothing but air.