Snowshoeing at REI

I don’t know where you do your gear shopping, but more likely than not, I head to REI.
Sure, EMS is great too, and there are some other good places around, but I think it’s that climbing rock in the
Seattle flagship store that just rocks my world. There’s
something about it that just so anti-Wal-Mart, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, I bring up REI because a friend of mine was telling me about these
snowshoeing workshops that REI does. Held
exclusively at REI stores, these workshops go into the health and fitness benefits of
snowshoeing, equipment, basic first aid, hydration…all that
stuff. And since we’re in the heart of winter and it’s too damn cold outside to go running, showshoeing is one of those
things you can do to get the heart pounding. So why not learn how to do it right? Just a thought.