Gadling First Podcast: Eric Stiller (1-10-04)

Ladies and
gentlemen…our first

This is something new that we’ll be doing on a fairly regular basis from now on. In
addition to discussions about what’s happening in the world of engaged travel, we’ll be talking to all sorts of folks,
from explorers, travel writers and photographers, as well as travel bloggers everywhere. Suggestions are

So let me introduce the guest of the first gadling podcast:

Eric Stiller is a kayaker’s kayaker.
He’s the author of the book Keep Australia
on Your Left
, an epic story of his effort, with buddy Tony Brown, to paddle around the continent of Australia. Yes,
you heard that right. Australia. That’s a bit like
saying you’re going to paddle around the United States.

The book was voted one of the ten best paddling yarns of all time by Canoe and
Kayaker Magazine (it was voted #4). Eric also runs the Manhattan Kayak Company, the top kayak outfitter in New York
City. As he says in the interview, kayaking is in his blood. His father, Dieter essentially introduced the Klepper
kayak to the states. Stiller runs the Manhattan kayak Company in

There’s a whole lot more to say about Stiller, but why not let him say it himself.

Listen to the podcast.

Host: Erik Olsen.
Format: 44 minutes, MP3

Jump to:
01:10- Discussion of father, first Klepper store in NYC

05:00- Working in Klepper shop with dad
and kayaking in NYC

09:11- Klepper’s decline to cheaper boats

13:50- Starting Manhattan Kayak Company

16:52- On the trip, David Lee Roth and
paddling around Australia

22:54- Crossing the Gulf of Carpinteria, and the
nasties: sharks, crocs, etc.

35:00- Writing the book…and help from Paul Theroux

40:01- More about the Manhattan Kayak Company and