Design Your Own Snowboard

With many feet of
freshie falling in the
West, maybe it’s time for a new snowboard. But are you sick of all the designs out there, or are you an aspiring artist
eager to forge your own board design from endless pages of doodles? Then check out
this site, which lets you do just that…or you
can pick from a fairly extensive collection of other art that’s posted on the site. Very cool.


Too bad they never did this for skis.


Hey, which reminds me. Remember that story I posted about the Motorola Jackets with blue tooth?
Engadget has got a HUGE photo of the jacket and the
arm-based blue-tooth control device (ABBTCD – prounounced AAH-bee-tack-ed). Looks very cool…but it better be sturdy. If
it’s as fragile as my ipod, not sure I’d want one.